School Policies

Please find below a selection of the most frequently requested School policies.  If you would like more details on these policies then please do not hesitate to contact the School.


NBC operates a strict uniform policy as we believe wearing a school uniform promotes a feeling of community and belonging, it is practical and smart and promotes equality amongst the children in terms of appearance.

Attendance & Absence

Our school opening hours are 08:20 am – 3:40 pm. Good school attendance improves a child’s chance of achieving their full potential. For details of our policy please contact us.


Our aim at NBC is to ensure that children develop as independent learners and we believe that doing homework is one of the ways in which children can gain the skill of independent learning.


Good behaviour is central to our vision and ethos. Our behaviour policy clearly outlines our expectations of NBC students and encourages parents and teachers to work closely together.


At NBC we aim to provide a safe and secure learning environment where everyone feels valued. NBC has a zero tolerance for bullying policy.