Primary School

Developing skills and knowledge for exciting independent learning.

Outline of School

At NBC, we offer a broad and balanced education through topic based learning built around the English National Curriculum.

We provide a caring environment in which children feel secure and valued.  Originality and imagination are at the centre of our provision where children will develop an understanding of the world and their role in it. We believe in high expectations for all children regardless of their background and previous learning experiences.  Continued evaluation of children’s progress enables teachers to provide individualised learning opportunities. These activities encourage the development of enquiring minds and critical thinking through genre led learning in English and the use of bar modelling for problem solving and reasoning.


Throughout their Primary Education at NBC, your children will follow a carefully tailored curriculum, formed around the core subjects of English, Maths and Turkish, which offers progression by building on the skills learnt each year.  They will be challenged and empowered to push their boundaries and achieve their ambitions whilst becoming independent learners prepared for the next phase of their learning journey.

Our Primary School offers a broad balanced and creative curriculum with a wide variety of subjects.

A complete list of subjects taught is available in the attached PDF document.